Entrance doors

Swing doors

Sliding doors


That's why your expectations of FlorinChelea are above all :
1 individual configuration
2 elegant design
3 safety standards
4 quality

Comfort and energy efficiency

Perfect shape
Good closing 
Increased pressure


Standard Multipoint
Multipoint key actuator
External fixed multipoint

Security:RC2 frame

Standard bolt/claw
External bolt / fixed claw.

Self-locking safety systems :

Technical data:

Galvanized steel reinforcement (mm)Heel (mm)Sash (mm)Aluminum sillAluminum sill with additional sealAluminum parg with automatic seal3D adjustable hingesHandlingComfort and energy efficiencyStandard multipoint lockingLocking of the multipoint key operationExternal fixed multipoint lockingSecurity WK RC2Standard bolt lockExternal fixed bolt lockStandard claw lockFixed external claw lockSelf-locking security systemsAutomatically closed external bolt closureAutomatically fixed external claw closure
Evolution 92 2.0 83/103 115 Greenteq 0
Green Evolution 76 2.0 68/85 104 Greenteq


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