As a technology pioneer, Roto develops intelligent solutions for products that impress with their technical precision and longevity. German precision in design and development, as well as quality and process management, guarantee performance and high quality services worldwide.
1 Oscillating mechanism
2 Wedge
3 Oscillating wedge
4 Scissor plate
5 Additional closing wedge
6 Scissor arm
7 Bolt Lagar
8 Upper Heel Hinge
9 Bottom sash hinge tenBottom hinge stud
11 Additional lock
12 Oscillator lock
13 Key lock
14 Part against bad actuators
15 Clips
18 Secondary scissors
39 Compensating piece (profile-specific)



Standard hinge Roto NT

Roto NT standard hinge

Other hardware



Opening element
Heel element


Safety lock
E/P/V locks


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