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The installation of PVC windows with double glazing will be done as follows:
1 The PVC joinery frame will be firmly fixed in the desired position in the previously prepared masonry joint with the help of shims, taking into account that the PVC joinery piece must be level both vertically and horizontally. The shims shall be placed at each corner of the window. The length of the wooden wedges will be 6-7 cm depending on the width of the PVC profile used.
2 Using the rotary hammer drill, the holes for the fixing anchors in the masonry will be made.
3 Fixing pegs in the holes will then be screwed. The fixing plugs will be made of metal with a diameter of 7.5 mm and a length of at least 72 mm.
4 Polyurethane foam will be inserted in the space left between the masonry and the PVC joinery.
5 The operating handle will be fixed.
6 The thermal insulating glass will be installed and fixed with support rails and plastic rods. The insulating glass fixing rods will be clipped in place with a hammer.
7 Once the installation is completed, the protective film will be removed from the PVC joinery frame.


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